James Bond’s QoS – unusual

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Yesterday I had been to the latest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. The story continues where, the previous Bond movie, Casino Royale ended. Bond goes after his dead lover’s assasin, trying to seek closure. He discovers the existence of a sinister group that has somehow escaped the radar of every secret service agency. There is a secondary conflict, as Bond’s boss, M, attempts to protect Bond from her bosses even while she wonders about his objectivity and trustworthiness.

This movie is unlike the earlier Bond movies for several reasons. We see a more human Bond – one far less likely to bed every woman he meets – there’s a brief scene that hints of sex. In another scene where the heroine walks away from Bond after merely a brief lip-lock, it’s certainly a first, and a far cry from earlier Bonds who appeared to have only one thing on their minds! The new Bond is willing to appear vulnerable at least to his friends. Despite a couple of longish chases, including the opening sequence,the new Bond is less about Q’s (who’s wholly absent) sophisticated gadgets and more hands-on in the action scenes using his wits and at most a handgun.

Of course the locales are stunning as usual (Italy, Haiti, Bolivia) and the action scenes as thrilling as they come. There’s also a twist at the end, where Bond ties up all loose ends and effectively lays down his ghosts to rest. I almost felt sorry for him there!

Daniel Craig is suave and macho as James Bond. There’s a certain panache in his movements that reminds me of a young Sean Connery, who still remains a hard act to follow. Whether he will eventually be able to fit into Connery’s shoes, only time will tell.


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