Jugalbandhi #jb Carnatic and Hindustani ragas

This last week, I got introduced to Twitter and have begun posting a Raaga-a-day. Truth to be told, I have probably learnt more than my (slowly) growing tribe of Twitter followers. Am still learning to express myself in 140 characters. Given how much fun I am having with this, I reckoned I should try and expand my horizons. So starting today I’ll tweet about one raga common to Hindustani and Carnatic music in my new jugalbandhi series with the hashtags #jb #raaga

The first jugalbandhi pair we can look at is Shankarabharanam, one of the big five ghana raagas in the Carnatic tradition and Bilawal (sung in the late hours of the morning) in the Hindustani tradition. Both  run as SR2G3M1PD2N3 SN3D2PM1G3R2 with their jiva swaras G,M,P,N. Here are two good videos of Shankarabaranam (Vijay Siva) and Bilawal (Ustad Ghulam Hasan Khan Shaggan).  Students of Hindustani music begin their basic training exercises with Bilawal.

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