TV serials – boon or curse?

television is an evil
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If you plan on visiting your old uncle or aunt in the evening, think twice. Chances are their favourite serial is playing on television at that time and your visit may not be that welcome. I’m not sure if these serials are a boon or a curse. Some of them are so bad with hackneyed plots and terrible acting I wonder why our seniors settle for such dismal viewing fare. Whenever I talk to them, each would insist that their favourite serial is a cut above the rest!

My mother vehemently argues that it’s good entertainment for people like her as she can’t go out on her own in the evenings. Failing eyesight means that those books have to be put away. ‘Listening to music 24/7 isn’t enough’, she declares. When I make an attempt to understand the storyline behind some of these serials, I get confused. Either that or my comprehension level is that of a first grader. In most cases, the heroine turns out to be a hard nut to crack after undergoing the worst traumas, or there are a lot of evil people out there in the world. Some of the scenarios are X-rated with extra-marital affairs galore and actors wearing costumes showing less cloth and more sizzle. When I listen to an aunt empathize with the pathetic heroine or villify the wicked sister-in-law, it’s hard to distinguish reality from fiction. There is so much passion in her narration, I’m ready to give her an Oscar. But your wicked sister-in-law or mother-in-law would never identify themselves with the characters on screen even if its their story being played out. And that’s the reason for the long innings of serials like Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

So the next time you want to visit your octogenarian uncle, remember to call first.

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  1. awsmmm n its soo true!!


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