Sindhubhairavi – Raga Ruminations

Sindhubhairavi is a raga that appeals to a wide range of listeners from the die-hard classical fan to the casual listener. Known as Bhairavi in Hindustani music this raga is often heard in the latter part of carnatic concerts.  Music producers have used it extensively in Indian movies. Here is an example of this raga heard in the song Enna Sattham for the Tamil movie Punnagai Mannan.

How does the raga sound in Carnatic music? Listen to guitarist Prasanna playing the raga in the video below.

Several years ago a short musical video appeared on television highlighting the theme of national integration. The booming voice of Bhimsen Joshi kicked off the song. It went on to showcase other famous Indians from nearly every part of the country. The song Mile Sur Mera Tumhara presented in multiple languages also featured several musicians, actors, sportsmen and others from different fields. It was based on the raga Sindhubhairavi. To me the song appealed on several levels. It not only kindled feelings of patriotism but illustrated the diverse nature of this melody. It showed that music has no boundaries. You can see the video below.

Sindhubhairavi is considered (by many) to be a janya of the 8th Mela Hanumathodi. The reason being that it is similar to Hindustani raag Bhairavi. The scale reads as follows SR1G2M1G2PD1N2 SN2D1PM1G2R1S

12 thoughts on “Sindhubhairavi – Raga Ruminations

  1. the examples are very apt for those who wish to get a general feel of the raga but maybe a little info about some theory will make it more complete and interesting even for a slightly informed visitor


    1. Mangala
      Thanks for your feedback. I will certainly add some more info for informed readers in upcoming posts. Keep commenting!


  2. THe Music Academy 1993 season concert of TNS where he sang a Pallavi in Sindubhairavi – “Vennai Tinna”. The raga rendition is just out of this world and the violin by Mysore Nagaraj was outstanding… Have it in casette… can digitize it for you to upload it here.


    1. Hi Shankar,
      Thanks for your feedback. I have heard TNS sing this pallavi at the Academy and its indeed in a class by itself. If you can digitize it and send me the recording, I can upload it here.


  3. you didn’t what is the janaka ragam behind it and its arohana and avarohana


  4. Thank you. I have added this info.


  5. Sindhu Bhairavi is the janya of the 10 Melam Natakapriya which is the correct one


  6. expecting your reply madam


    1. Apologies for the delay. It is considered to be a janya of Natakapriya (10th Mela) by many, the raga itself which has originated from Hindustani/Arabic music is usually sung with this scale in mind SRGMDNS/SNDPMGRS.


  7. Dear madam,
    When you spoke about subapantuvarali how did you miss yesudoss in Rama katha gana layam. This is a master piece from the movie bahratham. If you haven’t heard this please listen to this. It is indeed a magnum opus.


  8. expecting your reply on subapantuvarali song by Dass Chettan aptly picturized. If you want I will send you the link


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