Mharo Pranam to Banke Bihari

Just the main temple in this area.”

Our driver nodded and without a word took the road towards the Banke Bihari temple in  Vrindavan.We’re on our way to Agra from Delhi on a wintry morning when I decide to take a short detour.  The fog has considerably slowed down our progress and the driver is tempted to step on the gas so that we reach the temple before it closes in the afternoon.

Despite a puncture on the way, a mad dash through the by-lanes leading to the temple and the jostling crowd of devotees in the main hall we manage to get a darshan of Banke Bihari in Vrindavan. My husband’s “special” lifeskills, garnered in his college days, helps us push through the packed crowd and get to the front of the line. The frenzy and fervour in that hall has me baffled for a moment.

Photo Credit: HITESH BIDKAR via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: HITESH BIDKAR via Compfight cc

The sight of the deity is mesmerizing and as I focus on the arresting image of Banke Bihari (Lord Krishna),the bhajan Mharo Pranam plays in my head. This beautiful Meera bhajan is a salutation to the deity of Vrindavan. Here is one of my favourite renditions of Mharo Pranam in the voice of Kishori Amonkar.




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