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#3 – Raga Charukesi – Podcast

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Podcast #2 – Raga Karaharapriya

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Books I’m reading – List

Recently I’ve been reading a bunch of books that are essay collections around parenting and humour. Thought of sharing this with you.

Welcome to Earth Mom by Adair Lara on GoodReads
A compilation of essays describing her travails as a mom

Time Flies by Bill Cosby on GoodReads

The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Shireen Dodson on Amazon

Do share with me your favourites as well.


HumRaag in Chennai – April ’15

With the Tamil New Year just around the corner, we are bringing HumRaag to Chennai. We have two back-to-back HumRaag performances this coming April 11 and 12th in Chennai. The show’s been updated to bring more Tamil movie songs – old and new while retaining some of the best that Bollywood and beyond has to offer. Mark your calendars and pass the word around. We look forward to seeing you there. Here’s a quick teaser for the new show (details below)


Podcast #1 – Raga Amritavarshini

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