RaagTime Episode 9 – Movie Songs Part II

The episode begins with a rollicking Bollywood song Dhoom Machale from the Hindi movie Dhoom.

The movie song tour of RaagTime continues from Maharashtra. The city of Mumbai in this state produces the most number of movies in the world. Nearly 300 kms from Mumbai is a small town called Pandharpur where the chanting of the word Vittala is heard. Vittala or Vittoba is the presiding deity of the temple in the town.  The song Mauli Mauli from the Marathi movie Lai Bhaari recreates the fervour of the devotees in this temple town.

With the sounds of Vittala ringing in our ears we move along the west coast towards Gujarat. The song Garvi re Gujarat from the Gujarati movie Thakor Ni Lohi Bhini speaks of the locals’ pride in their land.

Rajasthan, the land of deserts and palaces and culinary delights such as dhaal-bhaati-churma draws millions of tourists every year. The song Jai Jai Rajasthan from the Rajasthani movie Thari Mhari celebrates the beauty of this state.

It’s time to pick up those dancing shoes for the bhangra beats as the song  Gaati Gutti from the Punjabi movie Dildariyaan plays.

Food ranks high up there on any traveller’s list. A mad dash across the country towards the eastern side for a taste of rosogullas, a Bengali sweet rich in sugar and cottage cheese has one listening to the song Prithibi Hariye Gelo from the classic Bengali movie Guru Dakshina.

On the eastern coast lies the state of Orissa or Odisha with its beautiful lakes and forests. The natural beauty of the land creates a romantic ambience much like the song Golapi Golapi from the movie of the same name.

Click here to listen to RaagTime Episode 9 – Movie Songs of India Part II


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