Katha – Storytelling in Music & more

Harikathas – not merely a spiritual activity
It would be a mistake to dismiss harikathas as merely a religious or spiritual activity, despite most stories being set in the Hindu epics. Whether it is Sudama hesitating to offer poha (flattened rice) to Krishna, or Arjuna vacillating on the eve of the Kurukshetra battle, kathas present dilemmas. Read more here.

Antah Prerna – A Musical Telling of an Entrepreneur’s Journey
Antah Prerna (Sanskrit – inner motivation) which makes its US debut at the McConnell Center for the Arts, Worthington on February 16, 2019 is a musical telling of Columbus’ own Barry Chandler’s startup story. Join Barry Chandler and me, as we share the journey of an entrepreneur – with all the terror and joy and stomach-churning self-doubts – in music and story form. Featuring songs in eight languages in classical South Indian Carnatic idiom, and an inimitable Irish storyteller, we hope to bring you an evening of discovery. Mark your calendars and hope to see you all there. For more info click here.

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