Songs of Comfort

In pandemic times such as coronavirus, music can be a source of great comfort and strength. Here are some songs in the carnatic tradition that can help us get through these tough times.

Pancharatna Kritis

Five songs. One voice. A small hamlet in south India transcends place and becomes a state of mind as musicians converge to celebrate the life and compositions of Tyāgaraja beginning with five songs collectively known as Pancharatna Kritis. To read more click here.


When a composer from Thanjavur travels to Kashi in northern India he picks up Hindustani melodies. A beautiful song based on a Hindustani raga became very popular in the carnatic circuit. To read more click here.

O Jagadamba

In a story perhaps apocryphal, a young girl gives a glass of milk to a temple priest. When the girl disappears that’s when the priest realizes that she was none other than the goddess Kamakshi whom he worshipped devoutly. The priest was Shyama Shastri and the song became one of the most well-known compositions in raga Anandabhairavi.

Shri Chakra Raja

When a revered sage was initiated into the Srividya tradition he composed an ode to the mother goddess. To read more click here.

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