Coping through Carnatic Music

In tough times we run through a gamut of emotions. Each of us is finding our own ways to cope with the COVID-19 situation around us today. Every morning when I wake up and look through the window there’s a sense of hope. Will today be better than yesterday? Then I think about the people struggling to stay alive in the hospital. As they suffer in isolation what would their thoughts be? There is a sense of anguish as I feel pain. Even now, there are some who haven’t understood the severity of the problem. They do not practice physical distancing and some even claim it is all a hoax. I feel a sense of frustration and anger as they put others at risk with their callous actions.

How do we cope with all the stress? Activities such as cooking, reading, singing, knitting or meditating, exercising, or gardening, all seem to help different people. Some of us seek strength in prayers and hymns. Even as we find ways to strengthen our inner reserves let’s take a moment to help those who are less fortunate than us. One of the simplest ways to help others is by donating time or money. Even as we help others and fortify ourselves it’s good to take a moment to reflect on what truly matters to us.

Here’s how I’ve tried to express my thoughts through song and story. This is s short 4-min video that I’ve produced at home as I learn the ropes of video editing as one way to grapple with my own pandemic fears.

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