The Wedding Sounds of India

Playlist – Songs of the Weddings of India

Indian weddings are a feast for all our senses and music obviously plays a significant role in the gaiety. I’m kicking of a monthly playlist compilation starting with this edition of Music Matters – the wedding sounds of India. This episode features among others Bismillah Khan playing the wedding notes on the shehnai in the Hindustani tradition and Balamuralikrishna singing the popular wedding song Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame, a composition of Tyagaraja in the Carnatic tradition. Read more or listen here.

BHAKTHI – Music of the Mystics

The rich will make temples for Siva.
What shall I, a poor man do?
My legs are pillars, my body the shrine,
the head a cupola of gold” sings Basavanna, 12th century mystic from Karnataka.
Join us to hear this and other songs of the Bhakthi saints from across India on Saturday March 14, 2020 at Chinmaya Vrindavan, New Jersey 3:30-6pm.
For more info click here.

Rasikas first and performers next

Our new year resolutions aren’t so new anymore, but it’s never too early to revisit them. My own this year, as with previous years is to see what each of us as parents, rasikas and music teachers can do to get more youngsters to attend Carnatic concerts, not merely seek to have them participate in contests. Nearly a year ago, I spoke to a variety of teachers, performers and sabha organizers. Read more here.

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