Patriotic Songs, Royal Composers, Carnatic Anthakshari

Playlist of Patriotic Songs
With the Indian Independence Day almost upon us, my thoughts turned to patriotic songs. From Bengal to Tamil Nadu, composers have given us a veritable treasure of inspirational songs, from classical to folk. I’ve collected some favorite ones in a playlist here.

Royal Composers
Historically rulers have been the primary sponsors of artists – whether poets, musicians or painters. Yet, kings too have turned from being merely patrons to participants in the creative process. The works of three kings of south India spanning a millennia continue to resonate with audiences and performers on the carnatic music stage even today as described in this article here.

providence-doucet-wPaBwop rSo-unsplash

Photo:Providence Doucet

Carnatic Antakshari
Carnatic musicians have been coming up with innovative ideas for presenting music to their audiences. In this lively game of antakshari watch how these popular musicians compete with each other. Each musician has to sing a song that begins with the consonant on which the previous contestant’s song ended.


2 thoughts on “Patriotic Songs, Royal Composers, Carnatic Anthakshari

  1. Prof. N balasubramanian August 25, 2020 — 9:11 am

    I refer to your great collection on Ganesha. I request you send a few days before the festival in future. That way i can spend a whole day with the God whom we are celebrating on the auspicious day- slokas, lyrics and music, perhaps dance also. Thanks Balu , age 80


    1. Thank you for your input, Prof Balasubramanian. Yes, I will post these playlists well in advance before the festivals.


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