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A Surreal Experience
The bhajan in raag Bhairagi Bhairav stopped me in my tracks. I’d just walked into the Birla Mandir at the BHU campus. It was a walk down memory lane for my husband (BHU being his alma mater.) As I stood entranced by the singer’s rendition, my host invited me to sing too. I began singing Mahadeva Shiva Shambho in raga Revathi—the corrresponding carnatic raga. Singing in the marble hall of the mandir was a surreal experience. Though I never met the bhajan singer again, the experience is still with me this Shivaratri. One of my favourite renditions of this carnatic song is by D.K.Jayaraman.

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 3.31.15 PM A Vibrant Folk Song
When Kidakkuzhi Mariyammal’s song with Santosh Narayanan in the Tamil movie Karnan went viral it was a culmination of a dream for the struggling folk artiste. The vibrant song Kandaa Vara Sollunga with its band of folk musicians draws parallels between the character from the epic Mahabharatha and the eponymous protagonist in the film.

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