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Prayers and Gratitude
Just as the vaccination roll outs began in earnest after more than a year of isolation and bad news, our thoughts turned to gratitude and hope. But this last week the surging rate on infections in India, the number of people we all seem to know who are affected by the virus or have lost someone to it has been numbing and scary. My thoughts turned to prayer. I hope this month’s newsletter finds you and yours safe and healthy.
VijaySiva-VandeSangeetham Vande Sangeetham
Classical musicians have transitioned to the online format in a variety of ways as we’ve seen in previous newsletters. Vocalist Vijay Siva in his new series Vande Sangeetham explores how rivers, especially the Cauvery, have played a role in the lives of carnatic composers. Partake in an interesting journey with Vijay’s story and song here.
ChitraSrikrishna MusicClubAhdUni How Music Has Shaped My Life
Recently I was invited as a guest speaker by the music club of Ahmedabad University to speak about how music has shaped my life. This presented me with an opportunity to reflect upon and thank my gurus for the life lessons that they’ve taught me from rigor, flexibility to empathy, all of which continue to guide me in my journey. For those who prefer to read, a brief synopsis of my talk can be viewed here.
igor-Zi2PoxEwFOk-unsplash Music & Business
“Good is the enemy of great” is how guest speaker Clint Valladares put it while talking to my students. The senior director of global engagement for the Middle East and India at the Berklee College of Music spoke on the need to strive for greatness and not settle for being merely good. Listening to him brought a totally new perspective what it was to be in the business of music. Read more here.

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