Ododi Vanden – Ambujam Krishna

Ambujam Krishna, a 20th century composer composed over six hundred songs that were set to tune and popularized by carnatic musicians. Here is one such popular song Ododi Vanden in the ragam Dharmavati. The virutham that precedes the song is a verse from Thirupaan Alwar’s Divya Prabandham and the recording is from a concert in Chennai.

Translation of pasuram from Tamil to English

He who has the color of the clouds as well as the nature of the clouds;

who as Gopala (Kovala alias Krishna) ate butter with His mouth;

who has stolen my mind and heart;

and who is my immortal ambrosia;

these eyes of mine, that have seen Him, will never see anything else;

the lord of the gods, who resides in the beautiful Srirangam.


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