The Genius of GNB, Gulzar & AR Rahman’s Ode to Nature, Mayuri Veena

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GNB The Genius of GNB
What makes a musician and their ouevre distinctive? G.N.Balasubramaniam (GNB) was one of the most versatile carnatic singers of the 20th century. Yet reasonable people could have very different takes on his performances and contribution. Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s presentation on the music of GNB does a great job of illustrating GNB’s genius. You can catch it here.
dave-hoefler-qotclyt28 M-unsplash Gulzar and Rahman’s Ode to Nature
It’s easy to deem music as something distinctive even a refuge from our lives. Yet as old (global warming) and new (pandemic) challenges face us, A. R. Rahman and Gulzar collaborate to remind us music is an integral part of our daily lives. Their song Meri Pukaar Suno featuring seven singers seeks to offer hope and healing and nudges us to preserve the elements of nature and gift of life. Video here.
ricardo-frantz-GvyyGV2uWns-unsplash Instrument corner: Mayuri Veena
Indian music features numerous instruments, stringed, percussion and wind. Many an old instrument has been lost to us and some like the mayuri veena or Taus are barely known. The Taus is a stringed instrument with a peacock body, which appears in references as early as 4th century CE. Listen to Hindustani raag Ahir Bhairav being played on the taus here.
In case you’ve missed them, you can see earlier editions of newsletters here and the Raga Ruminations Podcast here.

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