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MusicMatters Header   Critical Mirror Chitra Music – A Bridge Builder
As many of you are aware I’ve been teaching a music appreciation course at Ahmedabad University since the beginning of the year to students from different disciplines. I spoke to the well known journalist Ranjani Govind about what a rewarding experience this has been in an interview for The Critical Mirror. The more we appreciate different forms of music, I believe it changes the way we think, feel and act.

VilayatKhan16 Spell of Sitar
We’ve had a rich history of musical instruments in Indian music with the sitar being one of the most popular ones. The sitar traces its roots to the Persian word seh-tar (three strings) and in a story perhaps apocryphal attributes its origin to Amir Khusrau, a Sufi musician and poet. Here is a short film about the sitar with a young Vilayat Khan playing the instrument.

Ananya Ashok Ananya Ashok – Straddling Two Worlds
“All the action was on the cassette shelf,” was how Ananya Ashok described her initial years listening to music all the time at home, in the car and attending concerts with her parents. Ananya Ashok is a well known carnatic vocalist and vainika who was invited as a guest speaker to my class at Ahmedabad University. To read more about her engagement with my students click here. Earlier this month percussionist Viveick Rajagopalan had been a guest speaker in my class where he spoke about how the Ta Dhom project became an inspiration for the song “India 91” in the movie Gully Boy. For more details about his presentation read here.

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