Bhakti : A Mystical Journey – Sangeetha St Louis

As a teacher and parent I see both young and not-so-young folks plagued by fears, self doubt, and uncertainty. Kabir the 15th century mystic speaks of listening to one’s inner voice. The Bhakti movement arose well over 1500 years ago, from a need to have a direct personal relationship with God without the rules and rituals imposed by organized religion. Mystics across India spoke, wrote and sang of their devotion, love and surrender. From Basavanna who spoke about the importance of good speech, Narsi Mehta who believed in helping others in the absence of any pride or ego to Tukaram who was plagued with self-doubts and eventually overcame them, these mystics showed us how their message remains relevant to us. After a long hiatus I presented Bhakti – A Mystical Journey for Sangeetha St Louis and am sharing a snippet from the program.

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