Is music timeless or a reflection of the times?

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Golden Era of Bollywood Music
Popular Music is often a reflection of the times that we live in and film songs create strong memories for listeners. The fifties and sixties of the 20th century is referred to as the golden era of Bollywood. Here’s a documentary where actors, directors, lyricists and musicians talk about why this period was so special for Indian music and movies.

Mandolin Srinivas

Rediscovering Sapta Swara
Carnatic music or Karnataka Sangitam is the classical music of south India. A lovely television series Sapta Swara was aired on Doordarshan in the eighties featuring songs and musicians of this musical genre. The series was recently re-released by the producers with the first episode featuring the brilliant mandolin player U.Srinivas and can be viewed here.

Chitra StLouis
Kabir and Nanak – a sampler
As a teacher and parent I see both young and not-so-young folks plagued by fears, self doubt, and uncertainty. Kabir the 15th century mystic speaks of listening to one’s inner voice. The Bhakti movement arose well over 1500 years ago, from a need to have a direct personal relationship with God without the rules and rituals imposed by organized religion. A snippet from my recent presentation Bhakti – A Mystical Journey for Sangeetha, a cultural organization in St Louis Missouri can be viewed here. ***

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