Multani Magic, Neraval Notes, Gully Girl – April 2022

MusicMatters Header   brandon-frie-TaBOTY6Ck-Q-unsplash Multani Magic
Have you wondered what makes a raga appealing to you? Prior to last week I would have named any number of ragas both carnatic and hindustani as favorites. And then I heard Pandit Venkatesh Kumar singing raag Multani. It was a transcendental experience. Let me know what you feel after hearing this. Pandit Venkatesh Kumar – Raag Multani For those who want more details check out Rajan Parrikar’s post on Raag Multani

martin-adams-S3D 6eTWRyA-unsplash 1 Neraval Notes
Can a song, one by an obscure composer in a relatively unknown melody become popular solely based on a singer’s rendition? There are a surprising number of such songs that have shot to prominence. One such example is the carnatic song Ikanaina sung by M.S.Subbalakshmi. In this rendition, MS systematically develops the neraval to an incredible climax that results in a richly-deserved and deafening applause from the audience. Like me you too may never tire of listening to this masterpiece here.

Sania-gullygirl Gully Girl
It is not hard to imagine that the word rapper, usually brings to mind a young man usually black or brown spewing poetry to a resounding beat. Yet from Dharavi to Kashmir, we are seeing young women making waves in rap. One such rapper is Sania Mistri. She’s fifteen and doesn’t have a phone, yet!. Her father is a rickshaw driver in Mumbai. Sania who dreams of rapping her way to fame meanwhile is keeping it real with her rap about poverty and the travails of young women. Watch her break it down in this video here. ***
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