Santoor & Shivkumar Sharma, Vivartana – May 2022

Shivkumar Sharma- santoor
Santoor & Shivkumar Sharma
When his father placed a santoor in his hands for the first time Pandit Shivkumar Sharma recalled thinking. “…it seemed an instrument with no potential, and no future. How could he saddle me with an instrument so unsuited to our music!” How the maestro eventually mastered the santoor and brought it to centre stage can be read in an interesting article here.

विवर्तन | Vivartana
On 13th June 2022 my new program debuts at the Bangalore International Center. Through the ages Indian poets and philosophers have sought to address existential questions surrounding the individuals role in society, dealing with inequity, discrimination and outright oppression. Their answers have ranged from a philosophical acceptance to outright call for revolution.
विवर्तन | vivartana presents the work of social reformers —poets, politicians, philosophers and sants in a musical tour across time and territory from Kerala to Kashmir. I hope you can join us for this debut. For more details about the event click here. ***
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Concert Recordings
Nee Vaada Negaana & Seethamma Mayamma ***
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