Monsoons & Music, Hindustani to Hiphop, Vivartana, Ballad of Four Sisters – June 2022

  Monsoons Monsoons & Music
Anyone who has spent time in Chennai knows all about water scarcity. What can we do to overcome the water shortage, now a global problem? Rainwater harvesting has proven effective to replenish the water table. Kanniks Kannikeswaran conceived this musical project to get more folks to support and practice rainwater harvesting. Watch this wonderful musical video featuring Hindustani maestro Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty and carnatic vocalists Ranjani-Gayatri that showcases the joy of rainfall and emphasizes the need to conserve and protect our water resources here.

DH - Hindustani Hip HOp Hindustani to Hip Hop
“Can a Hindustani musician learn to rap in just 45 days?” The title in the Deccan Herald caught my eye and then I watched the video. It brought home the need to experiment and the joy in it. I believe musicians must be open to new experiences and one never knows how a note, a beat, or even a word can lead to a new musical idea in any idiom. Check this piece out and let me know what you felt. Hindustani to Hiphop.

Swarajya- Chitra Vivartana – The Search for Meaning in Uncertain Times
My latest production Vivartana debuted at the Bangalore International Centre recently. Whilst preparing and presenting it was a great deal of work and fun, an unexpected surprise was a curtain raiser from an interview with journalist Ranjani Govind. The article made me both reflect and take stock on my own musical journey, the support of so many people who’ve guided me and my desire to make classical music more accessible. Catch the full interview here.

Tetseo Sisters The Ballad of Four Sisters
Folk music in India is a staggeringly large space. Even if we learnt something every single day about a region and its cultural history we’d need many years to cover all that India has to offer. Watch how four sisters from Nagaland are highlighting their music, culture and language with their folk songs in Chokri here.

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