I-day Special – Artistes, Freedom, & Songs of Celebration

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In August inevitably our thoughts and a great deal of creative output turns to freedom. What does freedom mean to each of us and even as we celebrate our progress what can we as artistes do to address the innumerable problems that remain? Table maestro Aneesh Pradhan reflects on the role of tabla players and how we can ‘work towards building a strong future.’ At a time that casteism, communalism and regionalism appear resurgent, the iconic song Mile Sura Mera Tumhara drives home the message of all that we share even in our diversity. That music is a bridge builder across languages, regions, and religions is reinforced by the new Jaya Hey presented by 75 artistes in this 75th year of our independence.
vanesa-vyas-2uwr5R EkjU-unsplash Freedom & democracy in music
Tabla maestro Aneesh Pradhan poses questions about hierarchy in Hindustani music, particularly when it comes to accompanists such as tabla players. Even as he asks how we get beyond causing “humiliation, discourtesy and discrimination“, the scenario is not that different in carnatic percussion. Women percussionists have it even worse having to work twice as hard to be heard. To read the article click here.
Mile Sura Mile Sura Mera Tumhara
The iconic national song Mile Sura Mera Tumhara which promoted unity in diversity featuring well known musicians appeared in 1988. The words penned by Piyush Pandey conveys a strong message of people from different parts of the country coming together to sing (& speak) in one voice. Do listen to the song here.
Jaya He Jaya Hey
75 Artistes. 75 years of freedom. Just as Mile Sura Mera Tumhara and Vande Mataram have remained popular, this latest music video of artistes from different musical genres of India presenting Jaya Hey promises to be just as heartwarming. Catch it here.
Mile Sura Behind the Scenes
Sometimes the story behind a story (or in this case a video) is just as interesting as what happens in front of the camera. This article on how the Mile Sura Mera Tumhara music video was conceived is equally fascinating as the video itself. Check it out here.
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