Indian Musicians & Jazz, Songs on Climate Change, Ravanahatha – September 2022

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Improvisation lies at the heart of Indian classical music. And so it is with Jazz. How do jazz musicians in India integrate sounds of Indian classical music in their works? Raquel Rodriguez seeks to answer this and other questions such as “Who are these Indian jazz musicians? And what are they doing?” in her article here.

brandon-frie-TaBOTY6Ck-Q-unsplash Songs on Climate Change
Through the ages themes such as love (of god, children, others), loss, country and patriotism have dominated classical music. With the growing consciousness of ecology, global warming and climate change, we are beginning to see musicians (and lyricists) deal with it in their music. I’ve collated a a playlist of songs from Oscar-winner Ricky Kej’s Ganga to Soumik Datta’s Songs of the Earth. You can catch it here.

Ravanhatha Instrument Corner – Ravanahatha
Folk music and instruments reflect the musical heritage of a country. Ravanahatha, an ancient stringed instrument traces its origins to a civilization in Sri Lanka at a time when Ravana (from the epic Ramayana) ruled the land. You can learn about the Ravanahatha in this short video and article.

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