Diwali Song, Ragas Jyoti & Deepak – October 2022

MusicMatters Header   umesh-soni-H4ilfu3vftk-unsplash Diwali Song
After two years Diwali (Deepavali) was celebrated in India and across the world with joy and hope. From the simple to the sublime there are many songs that celebrate this festival of light.
To catch playback singer Shaan’s The Happy Diwali Song click here.

Playlist for Diwali

brandon-frie-TaBOTY6Ck-Q-unsplash Carnatic Raga Jyotiswarupini
The words Jyoti & Deepak refer to light and lamp. However the eponymous ragas Jyoti (carnatic) & Deepak (hindustani) are unrelated to the festival of Diwali. One of the lesser known carnatic ragas Jyoti or Jyotiswarupini is a haunting melody and not easy to pull off for musicians. A wonderful rendition by vocalist Ramakrishna Murthy and violinist Rajeev Mukundan presenting raga Jyotiswarupini can be heard here.

umesh-soni-H4ilfu3vftk-unsplash Hindustani Raag Deepak
The story of Hindustani raag Deepak featuring legendary musician Tansen has fascinated music lovers. Is this raag still performed by musicians in its original form or re-interpreted to resemble it closely? An interesting article with musical links about raag Deepak can be read here.

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