Tale of 3 Music Cities – December 2022

MusicMatters Header   Varanasi Music City Varanasi & Music
Indian cities such as Varanasi or Chennai have a long and rich musical heritage. How can this be leveraged to position them as music destinations to match Nashville or Vienna? My article for Mint Lounge explores this thought and more.

Miraj Miraj & Music
A small city in western India has been making stringed musical instruments for nearly 200 years. Watch how Miraj has been contributing to the world of Indian music in its own distinct way here.
[p.s. I have a Miraj tanpura and the sound is divine!]

VSriram Chennai Music Chennai & Music
The December music season is back in Chennai after a hiatus of two years. Carnatic music reverberates across the city in many auditoriums from dawn to dusk. How did Chennai become the heartland for carnatic music? Music historian, writer and heritage activist V Sriram talks about this in the video here. ***
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Wishing you a healthy, happy and musically fulfilling year in 2023!  

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