Mirabai Bhajans – A Playlist

Mirabai (16th century) is one of the most well known of the Bhakti mystics. Many stories about her (perhaps apocryphal) describes her love for the divine Hari. Mirabai defied the prevalent social norms in her quest to merge with Hari composing many hymns along the way to celebrate her devotion. These hymns are sung as bhajans by devotees across the world.

Here is a playlist of some Mirabai bhajans sung by different musicians.

Here are a few articles that gives a brief idea about Mirabai.

1. https://www.thehindu.com/books/books-authors/meera-bai-the-queen-who-danced-on-the-streets/article5699143.ece

2. https://feminisminindia.com/2018/03/09/mirabai-devotion-subversion-bhakti/

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