Chitra Srikrishna, carnatic musician and writer, is a graded artist of All India Radio. As a vocalist for over three decades, she’s performed live, on the radio, and television,  across India, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore. Her classical albums include devotional poetry of the Tamil Alwars & Dasa mystics and thematic compositions on Rama and Hanuman. Chitra writes a music column for Citizen Matters blogs for Sruti magazine runs the podcast Raga Ruminations and was the producer of RaagTime, a radio program on Indian music in Columbus, Ohio. Being a musician, writer, and speaker, Chitra has used her talents to collaborate across many types of artistic ventures such as Antah Prerna, Bhakthi and HumRaag. Carnatic in Corona Times is a video series around music for pandemic times.

Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions
Paulo Coelho

Open NotebookChitra is an avid writer, whose work has appeared in Deccan Herald, The Hindu, Mint, San Jose Mercury News, Sruti magazine, Explocity, India Currents and other publications. Between music, her children and a husband who is an entrepreneur, she has a never-ending source of inspiration for her first-person essays, middles, and articles on culture and travel. Her stories have featured in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She also writes a music column for Citizen Matters and has published her first romance novella under a pseudonym. Early in her career, she worked as a technical writer for a software company in the San Francisco Bay area and has been the editor of an online music portal.

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  1. Dear Chitra,
    Nice Site
    It is relevant to place on record my sincere appreciation for the manner in which ” Saranagathi ” has been rendered
    All the best
    Dr Nagendran


  2. Do you teach online? I live in the US


  3. Gopalakrishnanmg October 14, 2011 — 3:53 am

    Smt.Chitra Srikrishna -Vocalist
    I even to-day heard  Vetern Vocalist Smt.Seethalakshmi Venkateshan Teaching  You Poorvikalyani Raga,rendering the Muthuswami Dikshitha’s Kruthi Ekambreshwara Natham,with kalpana swaras  in FM 100.1 – This I am hearing from Monday to Saturday everyday from 7.15AM to 7.30AM in Gurukula Music. Somedays back & This episode is again heard for this week. So excellent… Thank you both & also I heard Smt.Seethalakshmi Venkateshan being interviewed in the Sampada also.  They have all dedicated life for music & Music alone.Salute..
    With Regards.
    M.G.Gopalakrishnan -Mridangam Vidwan Son of Sangeetha Vidwan Late Sri. M.S.Govindar Rao (Retd.LICI ), No.533,”Laya Vinyasa”,BHEL Housing Society,2nd Stage Extension,Pattanagere South,Sri Raja Rajeshwari Nagar,Bangalore 560 098,Mobile.9901421208, Admin.Officer,Fin-Excise & Ind.Taxes,BHEL-EDN,Mysore Road,Bangalore 560 026, Phone 080-26998830/8478


  4. Pushpa Sreeharsha November 23, 2011 — 5:39 am

    Hi chitra,
    Harsha and I are spending a couple of months in our new flat in Bengaluru. Can you please send your e-mail id so that I can get in touch with you. I do not have your ph.# or e-mail id.


  5. Hi Chitra,This is Rakshitha, not sure if you recollect me, we met in Kumarans last year…!Anyways, it is really nice listening to you this evening on Amrithavarshini…Regards,Rakshitha


  6. iam interested in taking classes from you. can u please let me know where u stay in bangalore. please provide your contacts details i would like to talk to you


  7. M.v.Ramanamurthy, November 14, 2013 — 11:36 pm

    Sub: Music Technology Concept.
    Respected Vidushi,
    1. I thought it is prudent to share a research review paper on “Music technology: A perceptive prospect”, published by me in the International Journal of Music and Dance, May 2013 issue, visit:,.
    2. Scholarly music professionals and academicians like: Prof Yella; Akella Mallikarjuna Shrama; TM Mahadevan, Violinist, Scientist and Director (Retd), Atomic Minerals of Atomic Energy, Professor. Dr. Er. Ratnam V. Raja Kumar, VC, Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, among many others, who had appreciated my suggestions.
    3. The US based Guru Swara attempt , Virtual Practice For Vocal Excellence is a good beginning, but it is not an end in it-self, because, it does not address the core issues and lot more to be done in terms of computer software.
    4. British Professors of Music have developed individualized Musical therapeutics, for seriously ill and suffering from life threatening mentally challenged children, which is yielding good results.
    5. Also, techno-commercial feasibility and job potential exists.
    6. Kindly acknowledge and also solicit valued your feedback.
    virtually.Wishes, M.v.Ramanamurthy,


    1. Thank you for your feedback. I will check your links and get back to you over email.


    2. i am very happy to see the manner in which “Sarangathi” has been rendered. I request you to inform me about details of your programmes in future/any other cultural/spiritual programmes as i am interested in attending the same.

      Regards Smt. L.Kalyani


  8. Nice to Know about you New Venture, Mam! Please mail me more of ur Programmes. Any need for a vocal support u can pl. call me through Mr. Ramanathan, the Famous Mrudangam Vidwan.
    Thank You,
    Regards, Vid.Mythili Mandayam


    1. Thank you. I will be posting upcoming programs here.


  9. Dear Chitra madam, really loved your writing. I believe its a must read for every beginner rasika and a music student as it gives a basic understanding on the beauty of ragas and kritis. Thank you for your efforts. Keep on your writing, travel and devotion.
    I would like to clear a doubt on the basic sadhaka training for beginners. I learnt the basic music lessons including a few basic keerthanas in my childhood, but unfortunately couldnt continue after my 12th class. Now Im settled and want to continue learning the music. But the problem now is whenever I try to sing gamakas i use my jaws than my throat. Im used to it unknowingly that Im not able to get rid of it. It puts me in a pathetic situation . Can you please help me to overcome this situation? I believe that sadhaka can cure this but I dont know how to do sadhaka for this. I will be grateful if you could provide me help. Thanking you.


  10. You need to relax your facial muscles while singing. Here’s a link that throws some light –
    Sing with an open throat – the sound has to come from the abdomen/chest and you don’t need to open your mouth wide.


  11. Hi,
    I am Anuja- a student from IISc Bangalore. I recently came across your blog and was highly impressed. I especially liked your podcasts where you include snippets from not just carnatic music, but also hindustani music. I have been a student of hindustani music for the past 2 years. Even though I learnt carnatic music when i was small, I couldn’t continue due to various reasons. I wonder if you teach music? If yes, could you teach me? My mail id is: Kindly let me know.


  12. Respected Madam, May I have your opinion about the ragam of Meera Bajan rendered by Smt.MS as a record in 1947? Is it Chandrakauns? Was the music by Piano Vaidhyanathan or by S.V.Venkataraman? I tend to think, it was by SVVENKATARAMAN as the same raga is used in Thamizh Meera song Characharam . I have given links to both the songs . Kindly emnlighten me.


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