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Veena – an interview with Jayanthi & Kumaresh [readings]

The veena, has always had a special place in our house – as Jayanthi points out in this interview on Australian television. As a singer, I’ve admired the veena (of course, my mother had learned to play it, as had my mother-in-law) and felt it comes as close to the human voice as few other instruments do. It was only late in my musical journey, that I began truly appreciating the unique charm of the Veena. Of course living in Bangalore and knowing Jayanthi only made this interview all the more special. Catch the full interview in the video below.

Books I’m reading – List

Recently I’ve been reading a bunch of books that are essay collections around parenting and humour. Thought of sharing this with you.

Welcome to Earth Mom by Adair Lara on GoodReads
A compilation of essays describing her travails as a mom

Time Flies by Bill Cosby on GoodReads

The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Shireen Dodson on Amazon

Do share with me your favourites as well.