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Vivartana – The Search for Meaning in Uncertain Times

Through the last two millennia, Indian poets and philosophers have addressed these existential questions surrounding the individuals role in society, dealing with inequity, discrimination and outright oppression. Their answers have ranged from a philosophical acceptance to outright call for revolution. Yet others didn’t wait for a crisis to occur before calling for change, from the minor to a complete overhaul.

विवर्तन | Vivartana presents the work of such social revolutionaries —poets, politicians, rulers and sants in a musical tour across time and territory, from Kerala to Kashmir. The program is anchored by a live performance of songs in multiple languages, interspersed with short narration to provide the audience both context and a thread of continuity.

Antah Prerna

Antah Prerna (Sanskrit – inner motivation) features classical music from across India to tell the story of an entrepreneur who as the narrator takes the audience through each stage of a roller-coaster journey – from the inspiration, through naysayers, exhilaration and numerous setbacks and inevitable self-doubt, before hopefully a good outcome.


BHAKTHI has the audience explore how the music and poetry of these mystics helped them experience the divine. The program is anchored by a live performance of songs of the Bhakthi saints, interspersed with short narration and visuals to provide the audience with both context and a thread of continuity.


What is it about popular music that alters moods, jogs memories, and moves us all? HumRaag seeks to answer this through a multimedia experience that weaves together contemporary and olden goldies of filmi gaane—from Ajnaabe to Zanjeer, classical carnatic music, and a universal story.

Carnatic in Corona Times

The Corona virus (COVID-19) has been a time of great tumult in all our lives. This has led to each of us facing a variety of emotions from depression, despair and sadness to hope, optimism and renewed faith in our fellow humans. This playlist expresses these emotions through carnatic (south indian classical) ragas.

Moods & Melodies

Melodies or ragas of classical music underlie most of the music we listen to – whether a Hindustani bhajan, Carnatic krithi, filmi song, or even background music. Moods & Melodies explores how ragas can not only express our feelings but also influence our moods. 


RaagTime is a music program on WCRS community radio hosted by Chitra Srikrishna. The program helps listeners discover and explore the classical music of India and its contribution to popular music. Instrumental and regional music get as much coverage as mainstream classical and popular music.


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