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Chitra’s music project Saranaagathi was released in 2011. Saranaagathi presents three cantos from the Perumal Tirumozhi of the Divya Prabandhams – 30 verses set to different ragas in two talas. Shri Vellukudi Krishnan has provided a brief introduction to the work. The Saranaagathi CD is now available on line here.



Anjaneya Aarati
This recording, also released in 2011, is a thematic one based on songs praising Lord Hanuman. Her accompanists were Charulatha Ramanujam and Cheluvaraju – two of Bangalore’s finest. Overall the entire process from working with a composer through launching the CD was a great learning experience for her – the CDs are available online here.

Both Saranagathi & Anjaneya Aarati were reviewed by the Hindu. Click here to read the review.

Rama Manthra Mahima

This recording was released in 2004 under the Kalavardhini label. Rama Manthra Mahima is a thematic recording based on compositions praising Lord Rama. Chitra’s accompanists on this CD are Anuradha Sridhar on the violin and Sriram Brahmanandam on the mridangam.


Chitra Srikrishna Vocal (Live at Nada Inbam)

This CD was a recording of a concert at Nada Inbam in Chennai in 2003. It was released under the Kalavardhini label. The accompanists for the concert were Neela Jayakumar on the violin and V.R.Jayakumar on the mridangam.

Hamsadhwani in Chennai conducts a music festival for NRI artistes every year. This CD is a recording of a concert in 2001 when Chitra lived in the US.

Jugalbandhi – Chitra Srikrishna (Carnatic) & Shubhangi Sakhalkar (Hindustani)

This CD was a recording of a jugalbandhi concert between Chitra Srikrishna and Shubhangi Sakhalkar at Sacramento State University, CA, USA. The CD was released by the classical Indian music association in Sacramento, Tyagaraja Nilayam.

Dasa Sangama

This audio release by Chitra Srikrishna and Hema Ranganathan (both AIR artistes) was based on rare Dasa kritis of Karnataka composers. It was released in 1999 in Bangalore. Both the artists were supported by their guru Smt Lalgudi Rajalakshmi(violin), Bangalore Praveen(mridangam), M.A.Krishnamurthy(ghatam), Hema(veena) and Vishwanath Nakod(tabla).

These CDs are also available on Amazon Music here.

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