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Music is a bridge builder across languages, regions and religions

Teaching a music appreciation course to students from different disciplines at Ahmedabad University has been a very enriching experience. I spoke to Ranjani Govind for The Critical Mirror about this experience and how music is a bridge builder, across languages, regions, religions and certainly professions. To read the interview click here.

Podcast – Chai & Chat with Aditi & Natasha

I was invited to appear as a guest on the podcast Chai & Chat with Aditi & Natasha. It was such a pleasure talking to these two wonderful women about my journey. Do check this out and other podcasts as well. Chai and Chat are stories about women from around the world who have made United States their home. Do listen to the podcast here.

BHAKTHI – A Musical Journey with Mystics

Columbus – DHVANI Performing Arts of Central Ohio

Chitra Srikrishna presented her bhakthi program in Columbus for Dhvani last year and it we extremely well received and exceeded my expectations as an event. Her presentation included composers through the age and reached out beyond the Carnatic fraternity.  The program placed each and every song in socio-historical context with a simulcast slideshow. This seemed to be very effective in engaging the audience; especially those who are not always familiar with the theory and technical aspects of the music. As such it had a much broader draw that our usual kutcheris. Make no mistake though, there is no diluting of music standards here. Shankar Ramachandran A snippet from the program can be viewed here.  

Detroit – GLAC with Oakland University

Vid Chitra Srikrishna’s program was an apt kickoff to the Sarovar 2017 Music Season. With GLAC’s emphasis on education, the lec-dem was meticulously planned to tie in music, learning and wonderfully wove-in the concept of bhakti. The totally unique concert that followed took the audience through a journey of mystics with explaining all the facets of a Carnatic Music concert. Jayshankar Balan’s raga alapana reverberated the auditorium and Vinod Seetharaman and Mark Stone set the stage on fire with their korvai’s and mora. Chitra’s extreme versatility with her voice modulation, range and pronunciation in the different Indian languages and different music styles ranging from bhajan, kirtan, abhang and pasuram impressed the Michigan audience! Kudos to the ‘Best of the Great Lakes’ team for a highly successful event! Sriram Ganapathy

It was an awesome recital. I didn’t get to the lecdem, but enjoyed the main piece (nice time to sing Janaka Suta) and the thematic presentation. Thanks for the program handout – it really helped to increase the enjoyment of the recital. Pallavi idea was ingeneous, though I wish it started in a different “palich” ragam. Loved the thani. Loved the powerpoint in the background. My daughter liked it too since many songs are unfamiliar to her so it was nice to get the main point of the song. Enjoyed the kabir dohe and mangalam. I thought it is absolutely correct to refer to these Sants as mystics. Quite often we refer to them as saints, but that is not quite correct as a translation. Hope Chitra comes back to MI. I’d enjoy listening to more of her music. Chitra Narayan

Excellent program. So blown away by talent, knowledge & melody shared with us last night by Smt. Chitra Srikrishna! Great start to the season! Ranjani Rajaraman

A percussion snippet from the program in Detroit can be viewed here.

Nashville – Ganesha Temple

An enthralling concert on Saturday by Chitra Srikrishna! The music was truly enhanced by Chitra’s educational narrative as we took a musical journey via the mystics of India. Ashwin Kalyan and Sreenivas Ponnappan supported beautifully on the violin and mridangam respectively. This event was part of the larger temple reconsecration ceremonies and we are blessed to now have a renovated and extended temple space. On behalf of the cultural committee, our deep gratitude to the many volunteers and temple committees that worked tirelessly during this entire two weeks. I’m sure there are many who are still exhausted today, but energized by our community.

Bangalore –  Unnati Centre

Excellent concept and presentation Chitra! Bhakti- a musical journey needs to go places! Thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Sukanya Ramani

A snippet from the program can be viewed here.

Antah Prerna – A Musical Telling of an Entrepreneur’s Journey

Curtain raiser for this program in the Deccan Chronicle can be viewed here.

The Deccan Herald interviewed me about my thematic projects and Antah Prerna.

The Hindu featured this program in their Friday Review pages.

A song from the Antah Prerna program in Columbus, Ohio.

HumRaag – Classical Roots of Popular Music

YourStory had interviewed Shoba and I before our show – you can read the article here.

A trailer and a snippet from the show.

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