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Rama’s Coronation

ariyaNai anuman thaanga, angadhan udaivaaL Endha,
bharathan veNkudai kavikka, iruvarum kavari pattra
virai seRi kuzhali Onga, veNNaiyur sadaiyan thangaL
marabuLOr kodukka vaangi vasittanE punaindhaan mouLi

photo: dailyo.com

The coronation of Rama is described by the Tamil poet Kanban in a beautiful word picture that paints the scene of Hanuman, Angada and Rama’s brothers holding the regalia of royalty as Vashishta, the royal guru, places the crown on Rama’s head.

Anger – Aristotle, Arunachala Kavi & Tyagaraja

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. “


In his musical drama Rama Natakam, Tamil poet and composer Arunachala Kavi describes the scene between Sita and Rama when the latter prepares to leave for the jungle. Rama is reluctant to take Sita along with him. Sita’s subsequent anger is expressed in the song “Eppadi Manam” in the raga Huseini as she insists on accompanying her husband. Was her anger justified?

The same scene is recounted by Carnatic composer Tyagaraja in his song “Ramachandra nee daya” in the raga Surati. The composer wonders if Rama was hurt by Sita’s words when she  rebuked him saying that her father had gotten a woman in the guise of a son-in-law! Were her words justified?

Anandabhairavi – Raga Ruminations

Anandabhairavi is one of the more appropriately named ragas. As the very name suggests, the raga evokes a feeling of happiness. It is a gentle melody. Musicians bring out the nuances of the raga in a slow tempo often in interesting patterns and phrases. It is easily believable that the raga as claimed can reduce blood pressure and alleviate depression.

Some of the popular compositions in this raga are Tyagaraja’s Neeka Teliyaka and Ksheera Sagara Vihara, Dikshithar’s Kamalamba Navavarnam and Tyagaraja Yoga Vaibhavam, Shyama Shastry’s Marivere and O Jagadamba. Paluke Bangaramayena, another song in Anandabhairavi, that describes the presiding diety Rama in the temple town of Bhadrachalam is a composition of Bhadrachala Ramdas.

Listen to Bombay Jayashree sing O Jagadamba, a masterpiece by Shyama Shastri. I hope it does for you what it does for me –  soothes the heart and mind.

As far as I know there is no Hindustani equivalent raga that corresponds to Anandabhairavi.

Anandabhairavi has been heard in several movies. Here is a charming song in raga Anandabhairavi sung by Jesudas in the Malayalam movie Shastram jayichu Manushyan thottu.

For those who want details, raga Anandabhairavi is a derivative of Natabhairavi (20th Mela). The scale is as follows. SG2R2GM1PD2PS SN2D2PM1G2R2S