New Beginnings: Story of Jana Gana Mana,Orchestral Qawwali, Coke Studio in Tamil – January 2023

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Many of us use the arrival of a new year to take stock, set goals and this issue of Music Matters too looks forward and back starting with the origins of the Indian national anthem. The opening of Coke Studio in Tamil is a new start and an innovative qawwali performance by a female singer marks a way to rethink the old. I hope this year allows you to retain the best of the world and experience even the familiar in new ways.

*** JanGanMan The Making of Jana Gana Mana video
What was the story behind the making of the iconic 2000 Jana Gana Mana music video? The rendition featured many famous Indian musicians. Rarely do we know what it takes to create such a production. This video takes you behind the scenes – check out The Story of Jan Gan Man.

Orchestral Qawwali Dam Mast Qalandar – Orchestral Qawwali
The song Dam Mast Mast was immortalized by the performance of qawwali singer Nusrat Ali Khan. Since that 1991 release, it has been presented by numerous singers over the years. This recent presentation by Abi Sampa and team is unique not just for its female lead singer but for the orchestral rendition of a qawwali along with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.
Enjoy Dam Mast Qalandar – Orchestral Qawwali.

Arivu Coke Studio Tamil debuts
Sagavaasi by rapper Arivu and Khatija Rehman marked a strong debut for the தமிழ் edition of Coke Studio. The song which has had more than 3 million views “is an ode to nature and a celebration of the bond we, as humans, share with the environment.” Listen to Sagavaasi – Arivu & Khatija Rehman ***

My latest article Rhythm – A unifying force is now out in The Hindu. The article is the final part of a trilogy on Melody, Lyrics and Rhythm[paywall].

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